About Us

I started my Military journey in the late 90s as a 19 Kilo Armor Crewman on the M1A1 Main Battle Tank. The most significant period of my life was during my time in service. The bonds of brotherhood formed were like no other. The camaraderie of being a Soldier is second to none. We laughed, bled, cried, and fought like hell. My time in service led me to meet some of the most incredible people to walk the earth. I met great leaders, great followers, heroes, and those willing to sacrifice it all for our Nation. I got the opportunity to experience a fighting force like no other. My wartime experience comes from the Invasion of Iraq in 2003 with the Third Battalion Sixty Ninth Armor 3-69 AR First Brigade, Third Infantry Division—Rock of the Marne. The raw power of the fighting machine of the US Military is unmatched by any nation. My time in the Army has ended, but I still have the utmost respect for those who continue to carry the torch in defense of our great Nation. Stick around as we create a culture that tells a story for many of us who want to show our appreciation to the greatest Nation in the world and our love for our Country and Soldiers.